Unlocking the bootloader of your Sony mobile with Android Pie will no longer block the camera

To date, if you unlocked the bootloader of a Sony mobile, you would lose access to the camera and other functions. However, the update to Android 9 Pie solves this problem and gives more freedom to users.

The problem to date: DRM codes were erased when unlocking the bootloader

Unlocking the bootloader is often a necessary step to take control of our mobile and power to root it. By doing so, we get access to those settings that manufacturers do not want us to touch. And, as a result, sometimes something breaks when doing it. For example, what happens with mobiles Xperia by Sony. To date, if you unlocked the bootloader, it would break access to the camera.

 unlock sony bootloader without breaking camera

Why did that happen? One of Sony's mobile partitions contains DRM keys that allow proprietary content to be used. With this we refer to the audio systems of the company itself, Widevine to see Netflix in HD and other accesses to the camera . These are necessary, therefore, for the device to work properly. Without those DRM keys, you can not use those functions. If you delete them by mistake, they can not be recovered unless you had a backup already made.

And how could they be erased? That's what happened when you unlocked the Xperia mobile bootloader. There was a deletion of the partition containing the keys and the access to the camera was broken. You could take pictures, but they came out with green colors or directly or left. However, it seems that the times have ended in what was happening, since Android 9 Pie eliminates this error when unlocking the bootloader.

Android Pie solves it: unlocks the bootloader of a Sony mobile without breaking the camera

In the video above you can see a Sony Xperia XZ Premium rooted with Android 9 Pie. The bootloader is unlocked and the camera is perfectly functional. Therefore, you can use custom ROMs or the stock ROM and you can take pictures without problems. Of course, we must take into account what works and what does not . Most of what does not work is Sony's owner, although you will not be able to watch Netflix in HD either.

  • Works: Color Profiles, Camera (no longer takes green photos), White Balance, Camera2API (Totally for the rear camera, but without RAW, limited on the front).
  • Not working: X-Reality Enhanced Video, DSEE HX, ClearAudio +, Widevine L1.

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