The Microsoft Launcher beta allows you to control the time you spend using your mobile

Microsoft continues to improve its Android application launcher. In the latest beta version has added a digital health control panel to know the time you spend using your mobile, in the style of what it offers Android 9 Foot .

The beta of Microsoft Launcher adds digital health control tools

Some time ago Microsoft abandoned the idea of ​​launching a mobile phone of its own. From time to time rumors arise about it and there are those who still long for Windows Mobile. But the company has shifted its goals towards strengthening its presence in Android. As a result, we have increasingly better-developed applications in the ecosystem of Google .

For example Microsoft Launcher which has gained a foothold among consumers, especially thanks to its connectivity with the computer. There are more and more faithful and more and more people give it a chance. The company responds in turn by adding new functions. This time, we talked about functions for the beta version of the application.

Microsoft has added digital health control tools to its application launcher. It is a screen of adjustments from which we can see the time we spend using our mobile. How much time does the screen go on? How many times do we unlock the phone during a day? How much do we use each application? All these data let us know if we are too hooked to our device. Spoiler: probably so be it.

Mobiles without Android Pie are the main beneficiaries

The main advantage of this update of the launcher of Microsoft is not only to add more value to the application. It is also an exercise in democratization regarding what the operating system offers natively. Yes, Google has its Digital Wellbeing but it is limited to Android Pie . This means that the vast majority of current mobiles will never be able to use that tool.

 microsoft launcher beta digital health

However, Microsoft Launcher is compatible with Android 4.2 and higher . This means that its scope is much, much greater. If someone thinks they need digital health monitoring tools, the simplest way to make sure they have them and will be compatible with their mobile is to install the Microsoft Launcher beta. For a large number of users of the operating system, this is the best and almost only alternative.

If you are interested in trying the beta version of Microsoft Launcher you can sign up on this link. Remember that you can learn to sign up for any beta version with our tutorial.

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