The creators of Fortnite face the Play Store with their own store

The open war between Epic Games and Google continues because of the controversy generated around the non-publication of the game Fortnite in the Play Store bazaar. Negotiations between the two companies on the benefits to be shared with the game of the moment, did not come to fruition and Epic Games decided to mount it on its own so as not to depend on the Android application store.

Now , the creator of well-known labels such as Gears Of War, Unreal or Fortnite itself, goes a step further, announcing the launch of its own Android game store, which will feature premieres starting in 2019. It is the way he has Epic Game s to respond to his disagreement with Google and hopes to drag many developers to his new bazaar.

And he will do it the way the world works, with cash and sounding Epic wants developers to bring their games to the new Epic Games Store take greater benefits than Android and even Apple today. This means that 88% of the income generated by a game will go to its creator, this is 12% more than what Google offers in its Play Store . We do not know if it will be enough threat for Google to counteract the offer, but could, at least initially, get the attention of a handful of developers.

 false applications of Fortnite

has never It was easy to plant a battle to Google with an alternative bazaar, no matter how many resources you put in the attempt. This is the case of Amazon with its own Amazon AppStore or the famous Aptoide alternative store. Both have their public and in them you can find things that Google does not have, but the frying pan by the handle of the app pre-installed in a terminal Android still has those of Mountanin View

Although Epic Games and Google are not going through their prime, Epic has not totally ruled out Google as the cradle of one of its premieres. This is the case of Battle Breakers, an action and adventure game of the RPG genre that has currently opened a pre-registration process in Google Play . It is true that it is the only project that Epic has pending with Google.

We'll see what happens and how far Epic Games can go with its anti-Google crusade. What is clear is that Fortnite would have beaten, in all probability, the records of Google Play in case it had its premiere in the bazaar. However, we love to see competition arise to try to snatch the monopoly from the giants of the sector. We'll see if Epic manages to unsettle Google or becomes a more unimportant mosquito.

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