The best Android apps to learn to program

Begins to be already a key player in many curriculums, even approaching the importance of languages. Whether for pleasure or because you need to learn how to program to improve your career, here is a series of apps with which you can take your first steps in this "Coding" from the mobile taking advantage of, for example, your journeys on public transport.

Surely many of you who read us have an idea that you have in your head and that you would like to see captured in an app or in a computer program. Probably, because of your career choice or simply, by age, you have not given programming in the institute and, besides, sitting down to learn to program when we get home is usually very complicated – especially when there are family responsibilities -. Here are some of the best apps to discover the bases of programming and make your first applications.

Apps to learn how to program



It is announced as the one with the largest library of learning content for all levels, from beginner to professional. With a good variety of topics to learn the main concepts, it is a good way to learn to program or refresh knowledge.

SoloLearn: Learn to Schedule (Free, Google Play) →

Algorithm City

This has a more childish touch … but an undeniable didactic interest. If you do not want to face the code pure and hard, you can make your first steps and learn the basics while you play a game. Do not expect much because it is an app designed for children, but it sure is useful to start in this programming.

Algorithm City: children coding game (Free, Google Play) →


 grasshoper javascript

This also uses the gamification technique to teach programming, specifically in JavaScript, one of the most useful and used languages ​​of the Internet. We will be proposing different puzzles that we have to solve by creating lines of code. Simple and with that point of wanting to overcome each other.

Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free (Free, Google Play) →



We return to a more "didactic" application. In this we will not find any type of game as in the previous but a lot of material that will take us from lesson to lesson to end up being true professionals of programming.

Encode: Learn to Code ( Free, Google Play) →



Another application that takes us by the hand with numerous lessons to learn to program in Javascript, Python, CSS, HTML, git, Linux and Java. With the odd minigame, it allows you to review lessons even those who are in some type of course where they are studying these languages.

Enki: Learn better code, daily (Free, Google Play) →

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