So you can activate fingerprint authentication in Play Store

By activating fingerprint authentication in Play Store you will protect all your transactions in the app store of Google. This way you can activate this tool and you can choose when to use it.

How to activate fingerprint authentication in Play Store

Fingerprint is one of the most common systems to unlock your mobile phone today. The simplicity of its use and how safe it is combined with the speed with which fingerprint sensors work today, even those below the screen. Therefore, it is something that many people are used to. It is also a usual system for making payments.

In the Google Play Store it happens the same. Activate fingerprint authentication in the Play Store to protect all transactions. In this way, when you go to make a purchase, you must re-identify yourself. So, if someone unlocks your phone with the employer, you can not spend your money, since your fingerprint will be missing. To activate this system, you must open Google Play Store and, from the side burger menu, access the Settings . There, under the category of User Controls you have to check the box of Authentication with fingerprint

 activate authentication with fingerprint in Play Store

How to request authentication to make purchases in Play Store

This is not the only thing you have to take into account for authentication in the Play Store. It is also necessary to establish the moments in which this identification system will be used. In the same screen where you are you will see the option called Request authentication to make purchases . With it you can configure when the system is used, as you can check through the following image:

 activate authentication with fingerprint in Play Store

  • For all purchases made through Google Play on this device: It is the default option and the one we recommend to always be active. For every purchase made through the Google application store you will be forced to use your fingerprint. The safest system.
  • Every 30 minutes: If for whatever reason you are willing to make several purchases in a row for half an hour, you may want to activate this option. Basically it offers free access during the 30 minutes after identifying you by means of the fingerprint.
  • Never: Worth the redundancy, this would be the option that you should never activate. You will not use the authentication system and you will not be sure.

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