How to remove remove Direct Share with ADB or TWRP

We are teaching to delete Direct Share . This annoying feature of the Android sharing menu takes too long to load and making sending something to some contact a very slow task.

Direct Share: a poorly implemented idea

Direct Share is a function of Android that is used next to the menu of Share . These are direct contact suggestions from WhatsApp, Twitter and other apps that appear in the upper area a few seconds after the menu is activated. Despite being a good idea, the general consensus is that it is poorly implemented. This is due to the inability to choose contacts to set, as well as the loading time until it appears and the fact that it moves the other options when it is displayed.

If you want to get rid of this menu, your options go through ] root your mobile . If you do, you can access different directories on your mobile where you can paste a xml file that will block this function. We bring you three different methods to achieve this, depending on whether you prefer to use your computer or not. All these methods are very easy to apply, so you will not have any problem not only to install, but to uninstall too.

 delete Direct Share

How to delete Direct Share without a PC

  1. Download a root file explorer that allows you to access system directories. MiXplorer or Root Browser Classic are two popular options.
  2. Download disable-direct-share.xml.
  3. Enables the root access to the apps through the Developer Options of your mobile
  4. Use the app from step 1 to copy the file to the path / data / system / ifw / .

How to delete Direct Share using ADB

  1. Activate Debugging USB in the options for developers of your smartphone.
  2. Enables root access for ADB.
    • Install ADB on Windows
    • Install ADB on Mac
    • Install ADB on Linux
    • Install ADB on Chrome OS
  3. Check that your device is properly connected to the PC with the command adb devices .
  4. Use the command adb root .
  5. Download disable-direct-share.xml with the command wget
  6. Instala using the command adb push disable-direct-share.xml /data/system/ifw/.

If in the future you want to uninstall it, use the command that we place next:

$ adb shell ls / data /system/ifw/
$ adb shell rm /data/system/ifw/disable-direct-share.xml

How to delete Direct Share with TWRP

  1. Download disable
  2. Download to easily uninstall it in the future.
  3. Reboot with TWRP and flash the zip file from step 1. Do not use ] zip signature verification .
    • To untar, flash the zip file from step 2.

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