How to erase faces or license plates of images on your Android mobile

In the term blur, today there is only one connotation: portrait mode. However, the blur has other useful uses. One of these uses is to blur text. Today, we show you how to blur any element of an image on Android phones .

Uses of blur

Traditionally, and more so in our days, the word blur is directly related with the famous effect bokeh from the photos of the Android phones. However, we forget another of the interesting functions of the blur, that of erase text, license plates or faces.

Many times, we want to pass some image and in it, it appears license plates, faces or ] text that we do not want to be shared or that other people see. Therefore, there are applications in the Google Play Store that perform this function perfectly. In fact, we are going to take advantage of an application that we already included in a top with the best apps to blur the background of the photos.

Point Blur

Point Blur is an application that also serves to blur the background of a photograph and simulate the effect bokeh . However, today we will focus on giving another use to the application: blur elements, in this case license plates or faces.

How to use it

We simply have to download the application from Google Play. Then we start it, and press "edit" (no need to register). Pressing "edit", the app will redirect us directly to our gallery, where we can choose the photo with the elements that we want to blur .

 blur photos

Once the presented image, simply by default and without touching anything, pass your finger through the text that you want to erase. You will see how blurs little by little. You can give it several layers of blur to make it even more unreadable. We can also choose the thickness and intensity of the blur. Once we finish erasing the text we want, press "save" . When doing the latter, the application saves the photo with blurry text in our gallery, in a folder called Point Blur.

Uses that we can give to Point Blur

If we want to share a image with sensitive information or content, we can blur it so that an element is invisible or illegible. Or if we do not want a specific mark to appear on our photo, or for to cover a license plate or face . This function, which years ago, we could do only on a computer, can be done with the mobile. In fact, the issue of photo editing on mobile platform, does not stop improving

 blur text

Unfortunately, Snapseed, which is the Google application that should include this function, does not include it yet, at least not in a specific way. Therefore, we have to resort to alternatives from the Play Store. The uses of this application are not limited to blurring text, but we can blur and edit photos easily.

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