Get monsters and defeat your rivals with Winions: Mana Champions

Every time there are more games that look like Clash Royale, something that is logical. This type of development has in fun an essential factor as you can not be otherwise, but it is in collecting where a large part of its grace is. And a good example of what we say is Winions: Mana Champions .

The basis of this work is the following: you must get letters that represent the components of the game, such as units to put in the table or spells that cast, and that make up a deck that is used to face your rivals. That is, something highly recognizable but has details that make it different from other jobs with which it competes in the Android market. By the way, the simplicity offered by Winions: Mana Champions is low, so all types of users can access its use and know the basics in a few minutes (apart, the interface is well structured and includes a good assistant to solve all kinds of doubts.)

 Winions: Mana Champions

One of the particular details of Winions: Mana Champions is that the combats take place in real time so you have to take a good structure and be quick in the executions. The units have characteristics that make them more or less powerful, and the cost in mana makes it more or less complicated and accessible to use (at a higher price, they are much more complete … but less will be put on the table). In what has to do with the types of games, it exists from a Story mode that runs in local; going through individual confrontation; and, of course, access to multiplayer through the use of the Internet. That is, everything that is expected in this type of games.

To manage all the resources you have, you will use a settlement screen in which there are accesses to all Winions options: Mana Champions, the game being quite intuitive . Besides, it is important to mention that this development offers a great compatibility with mobile terminals, since the minimum requirements are not high (neither in the graphical section, which is not bad, nor in the component power) , since with 2 GB of RAM everything works properly). Therefore, we speak of a development suitable for all audiences and that works on smartphones and tablets that are not particularly powerful.

 Winions game: Mana Champions

Play with Winions: Mana Champions for Android

The key to improve in Winions: Mana Champions is the combination of getting powerful units and achieve evolve them in an appropriate way for your type of game. This is achieved with time and victories, since this is how chests are achieved, which is where you can find yourself from cards that you do not have until you have money – and gems – that allow you to evolve until the settlement of your possessions. There are troops of all kinds, and by putting them into play they work in a automatic fashion, so you do not have a lot of control over what happens … and this tends to generate confusion … especially when the number of these on the screen it is elevated. The accumulate and win is a constant in Winions: Mana Champions (eye, that the elements defensive are vital to reject an attack).

 Defense Winions: Mana Champions

For each showdown you have a limited time to get the victory, and the displacement is horizontal. There are different missions, such as ending a rival settlement or ending the enemy general, and we believe that they are key to obtaining victories good management of the decks and the times of invocation and the availability of defensive elements suitable for repelling attacks – since those are much more powerful than you might think at first -.

 Winions management interface: Mana Champions

Download game for Android Winions: Mana Champions

Yes what we have told about this game catches your attention, you can get it for free in both the Samsung Galaxy Store and the Google Play Store. It is a development that by the options that it offers in what has to do with collecting and, also, by what funny that turns out to be a good possibility to hang out for a long time – since the hours of play offered are numerous -. The truth is that it is a good possibility for terminals with the operating system of the Mountain View company.

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