GBoard adds improvements by recommending gifs and stickers

Google has announced improvements for its Keyboard application. The system of suggestions of gifs and stickers goes up in level, analyzing the context of each conversation through machine learning .

The Google Keyboard improves its gifs and stickers suggestions system

The application of Google Keyboard offers a lot of options. Although the vast majority of users will not look beyond the keyboard itself and the autocorrector, the truth is that we must not forget that behind this app we have the Big G. motorcycle. This means applied artificial intelligence that allows new functions like the one we are dealing with today.

Gifs and stickers are an essential part of how we express ourselves through messaging applications and social networks. They increase the range of emotions we can show, and from Google they know it. That's why, and after a while in beta, they have officially launched a new gifs and stickers suggestions system for GBoard. This new tool analyzes the context of each conversation and, if it is appropriate, indicates with an icon change that you can add an appropriate emoji.

 GBoard stickers gifs suggestions

At the moment this new Function is only available in English. However, it applies globally. This means that you can now use this new suggestion system if you change the language to English. In addition, Google confirms that this tool will arrive in all languages. Therefore, from a time to this part you can use this system in Spanish without any kind of problem.

Privacy has also been taken into account: everything occurs locally

Perhaps one of the aspects that most "Fear" of this function is the fact of analyzing conversations. Keeping in mind that to know the context you have to know what the conversation says or, at least, that we are writing, this can raise more than one eyebrow. How have they fixed it since Google ? The company states that this machine learning is locally produced.

 GBoard stickers gifs suggestions

Privately, the analysis is performed and maintained on our device, and it does not connect with any kind of server. Under this system, the privacy of users who want to take advantage of this function is protected. From there, it will be up to each person to decide whether the risk is appropriate or not. If you already use the other Great G apps, it will not be something that worries you. If you avoid the services of Google this is another function to avoid.

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